Why Choose Anatomy Prep?

We are well-established specialists in the field of medical education and have now helped thousands of healthcare professionals pass a wide range of medical examinations. Written by an experienced team of doctors and anatomists our tutorials and questions focus on the most essential knowledge requirements for medical students, doctors, and other healthcare professionals.

We believe that using this resource is the best way to maximize your chances of success in your anatomy examination.

Our online course offers the following features:

  • Over 160 key topic tutorials that comprehensively cover the most commonly encountered anatomy topics
  • Over 1800 true or false questions for rapid testing of factual recall
  • Over 1200 challenging single best answer questions for more in depth and detailed knowledge assessment
  • Detailed revision notes accompanying all questions, with emphasis on high-yield facts and exam orientated revision tips
  • Hundreds of beautiful illustrations accompanying both the tutorials and question explanations
  • A database of tutorials and questions that is constantly being updated and expanded
  • Regional specific question exams to enable practice in specific areas of weakness
  • Mock examinations to simulate the pressures of your actual examination
  • Continuous score analysis and detailed statistical feedback to enable tracking of your revision progress and comparison against other users
  • Compatibility with mobile devices and browsers including iPhone, iPad and Android devices
  • Support throughout your revision from the Anatomy Prep team
  • All subscriptions also come with a free eBook copy of our 'Basics of Human Anatomy' guide

What People Are Saying

" Anatomy prep was a great resource and tool when preparing for my exams.  It was an easy to use site and I found the information excellent and applicable to study.  I would highly recommend this site and look forward to using it again as my personal preference.   " Alana Sandford, BN, RCN, Post Cert Health Sciences, New Zealand
"The Anatomy Prep Course is a very well written, simple and easy to follow step by step guide to learning anatomy. Each section is clearly explained and supported by simple and easy to follow diagrams. The course is split into easy to manage segments and does not contain overwhelming amounts of information. This makes learning anatomy a much more pleasurable and enjoyable experience. This course has proved to be an invaluable asset in my studies for Medicine. " Kishan Patel, Medical Student, London UK
" What a great site! Tons of info here, which I've found really useful as a personal trainer, for both revision of known information as well as learning new info. This site is already in my favourites so thank you! " Suleen Syn, Personal Trainer, London, UK